2016! Expect More Accessories To Be Rolled Out For Your PC

The year 2015 was known for technology breakthrough. Apart from 3d printing and wearables, almost every technology sector has been aside from wearable’s and 3D printing coming to the fore, almost every sector has been impacted by the so called digital innovation. The year 2015 has highlighted with a new trend of technology regardless of industry. So, let’s see what those changes are…

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Most of the companies are moving to data sources for carrying out the company decisions. The year 2015 is said to be the year for the re-emergence of VoIP. In VoIP the voice calls can be converted into data. This service is very much useful for the employees to call landlines, mobiles, and even from one computer to another, with microphone and headsets to speak and listen. Hence, this service can save the business cost and improve the productivity in the software businesses like Skype, Microsoft Lync and ICQ.

So in the year 2016, you are going to see that PC manufacturers will redesign their products to fulfill the needs of businesses that rely on VoIP services. In other words, each and every device will be given with microphones and speakers. Already, the computer microphones have got the ability to give auditory attention on one person while filtering out a range of other noises in the same environment. It is very likely to see further developments next year where the microphones and speakers will react to however many people are sat together in a room or on a call.


Earlier this year, Intel launched its Skylake processor which boasted increased productivity levels – with up to a 15 percent processor performance increase and 25 percent better graphics. Looking to this, we can say that the chip itself actually generates less heat than others. Meaning, the fans don’t have to work as hard which is a plus point for computers to maintain long battery life. Hence, the implementation of the new Skylake chips will allow employees to work whenever they need to without businesses needing to think about new adaptors to ensure everyone’s charged while working remotely.

By keeping in mind about the next generation processor’s memory and storage levels, the upcoming products are more likely to be thinner and lighter than ever while still retaining longer battery life.  You can see this change in 2016.

Multiple devices

Whatever the devices we saw in this year, are present everywhere in the worlds of work as well as play. Normally, folks don’t want to work on one device and play on another, rather they look for many devices which can give the same work and service. The devices may include anything from a SmartPhone, PC, tablet, or wearable. This in turn change the way in which businesses assign computing equipment internally.

Hence, it is expected to see businesses investing in a broader range of products next year as they explore alternative devices to suit the needs of employees.

Windows 10 migration

Windows 10 operating System is like a boon to the businesses, which is compatible for both tablet mode as well as desktop mode. The companies can utilize the same OS for different configurations. As we have seen the rise of the ‘mobile worker’ in the past few years, the coming 2016 will bring ‘agile worker’ (someone who can work anywhere on any device). So for this, an operating system which is compatible across all types of devices is very much crucial.

Still the major question will be how companies manage the wide scale rollout of Windows 10 so that everyone is working on the same operating system! So, this will be a key project for most company IT departments in 2016.