Apple iOS 9.2: Should You Upgrade?

Some couple of days ago, Apple released its newest version of mobile phone OS called iOS 9.2. The new iOS comes with great features, but with a list of bug fixes. Hence, should you upgrade your iPhone or not? Let’s explore it…

What is iOS 9.2 is made for?

The new iOS 9.2 is meant for iPhone 4S and later models, iPad 2 and later versions, iPad Pro and 5th generation iPod touch and the next versions. The iOS is just 250 MB for download which can be automatically upgraded. Users can trigger the update manually by going to Settings > General > Software Update

What does iOS 9.2 do?

The noted features of iOS 9.2 are…

Apple News- This feature with iOS 9.2 has got a new ‘Top Stories’ element. But, only the users of US and UK can have this option. The feature can bring the important news highlights.

Apple Music – You can see a large number of modifications in the user interface of iOS 9.2. Best are the ‘Download’ button to save songs for offline listening (offline tracks are also better indicated), an upgraded classical music section (broken down into composers, performers and works) and a reordering of Playlists by recent changes.

iBooks – The feature got 3D Touch in support in iOS 9.2. Books, Contents and Notes gain ‘Peek and Pop’ support while a dictionary search can be performed on any word you select with a pressure push. Audio books can also be heard while reading, though quite how practical this is remains to be seen.

Mail Drop – With iOS 9.2, the Mail Drop option has been introduced in both the iPhone and iPad. Also, there is an iCloud Drive within the Mail app to easily send files of up to 5GB.

USB Camera Adapter Support – Earlier this week, Apple launched a USB adaptor which allows iPhones and iPads to transfer photos and video directly from a camera. The new update, iOS 9.2 adds the necessary compatibility for this accessory to work. 

Safari – In iOS 9.2, you can see a great change in the ‘Safari View Controller’ option which allows the support of third party Action Extensions. Means, when Safari is opened inside a third party app, then it still has access to other useful third party extensions. The option also supports a long press of the reload button to load content without ads blocked and a desktop page view. Meanwhile Edge Swipe will now dismiss a Safari window.

AT&T – iOS 9.2 brings support for AT&T’s NumberSync Wi-Fi calling option so that the carrier’s customers can accept calls on any device.

Successes and Failures of Apple iOS 9.2

Regardless of all the above mentioned features, there are still lists of bug fixes with the calling card of iOS 9.2. These cover almost every part of the operating system including Camera, Contacts, Mail, Podcasts, Safari, iCloud, Find My iPhone, Health, Activity, Wallet, VoiceOver, Guided Access and the Apple keyboard.

But the good news is that, iOS 9.2 can run a lot better than any of its earlier versions. Has Apple definitively fixed all these issues? It’s almost impossible to say, but the notoriously vocal Apple Support Communities official forum has not piped up about iOS 9.2 causing any new issues.

Further, Apple has confirmed that the iOS 9.2 has improved lag issues reported by some iPad Pro owners as the company has seen some owners of older iPhones and iPads are finding their devices feel a little smoother and faster.

But, one thing to keep in mind about iOS 9.2 is, it has no jailbreak. However, this is not a wonder as iOS 9.1 also remains without a jailbreak, but if you’re tempted to update from an older jailbroken version of iOS then you need to bear this significant warning in mind.