Apple’s New Display Technology


Apple is very much concerned for its secrecy in all of its processes and acquisition strategies. It keeps all its business ides as secret and rarely reveals its plans and purposes. It has been noticed that Apple doesn’t prefer to acquire outside companies and other technologies.

In the recent days, one of the Apple’s secret has been revealed. Yes, the engineers of Apple Company are secretly developing new Mirasol Screen Technology at its Taiwan laboratory! It has been suspected by the critics that, Apple is developing the new display screen technology for its upcoming devices in future.

Apple has evidently made its Taiwanese company as its local headquarters where 50+ engineers are actively participating in the development of new screens for its devices like iPhones and iPads. Even though the Apple Company is originally known for its processors, it is now busy in creating this impressive screen technology in its headquarters.

It is said that the Qualcomm Company is the real owner of the Taiwan laboratory. Later, Apple secretly purchased the Qualcomm Company and hired all the reputed scientists and specialists serving for Qualcomm.

Making its products slimmer and long lasting from one generation to other has been a hall mark of Apple! The Apple engineers are busy in developing more advanced Liquid Crystal display technology with the aim of making its future products thinner, brighter, lighter, and even more energy efficient.

The new screen technology what Apple is using uses low power display technology and reflected ambient light which can be visible even without a backlight, which was first introduced in Qualcomm’s Toq Smart Watch. The Company is researching on AMOLED displays as well.

It is said that, just like other Apple hardware products, its new screens are also going to lessen the technology dependency on the products developed by companies like Samsung Electronics Corporation, LG Display Corp, Japan Display Corp, and Sharp Corp.

It has been disclosed that the Apple is willing to acquire OLED technology for designing its own screens. As a result of this, many other companies like Samsung and LG are moving forward to collaborate with Apple for the 2018 iteration of the iPhone. Apple always look for three things when making deals with other companies – Brand and culture, innovation, Shore up weaknesses.

Literally, Apple has already developed its own processors for its products, which is then followed by other companies. It is no doubt that the same thing is going to happen in the future with its new screen technology.

Apple is secretly maintaining the development of display technology in its lab. There is no outward signs can be seen on its laboratory building. Only it is an Apple’s logo which resides behind the reception desk. Moreover, Apple pays much more attention in packing its products. It maintains dedicated secret packaging rooms.