Easy Way to Restore Erased Files from USB Drive

USB flash drive is useful handy flash memory card. Generally many users prefer USB drive to keep their photos, images, videos, songs, music and other important files. As this USB drive is very convenient to carry anywhere, you can exchange information with other people anytime and wherever you go. It also plays an important role in transferring files from one storage drive to other.

Issues with USB drive

Since many users rely on USB drive for storing their precious files, file erasure issue has become a common factor. You might carry some important media files or other official documents in this USB drive. While accessing this file, you accidentally hit on “Delete” option and resulted in erasure of files from USB drive.

Are the deleted files on USB drive is gone forever?

Erased files from USB drive are not gone forever. Still there is a possibility to recover erased files from USB drive until the file deleted space is overwritten by other new files. Initial thing is to stop using USB drive to save any of the new files. And get a right third party file recovery software and recover erased files from USB drive.

Software to restore erased files from USB drive:

Erased files from USB drive can be easily recovered with the help of YupTools Deleted File Recovery Software. It works with the usage of advanced scanning technology, it scans the complete drive and searches for erased files from USB drive. As it has user friendly interface, even a novice with less technical knowledge can retrieve files deleted from USB drive with utmost ease.

Causes for file deletion from USB drive:

  • If the USB drive is corrupted then it might force you to format before you access the files stored in it. And you have no other choice but only to format in order to access USB drive. But on formatting all the files stored in it will be erased completely. Formatting USB drive by mistake also erases the files from it.
  • Dangerous viruses on USB drive can hide or create shortcuts or erase the files stored in USB drive.
  • Incorrect use of cut and paste commands while transferring files from USB drive to other storage drive deletes the files.

In addition to above mentioned causes, you can find various other reasons that erases files stored in USB drive. But there is nothing to worry about this issue, you can easily restore files  erased from USB drive with the help of YupTools Deleted File Recovery Program. Hence download YupTools software in your computer and start deleted file recovery process quickly.

Features of YupTools Deleted File Recovery Tool:

  • YupTools allows you to retrieve deleted files from different brands of USB drives like Dell, Transcend, Toshiba, Kingston, Hitachi, Fujitsu, etc on Windows computer.
  • You can easily restore erased files even if you are not technically skilled. This is because YupTools application is designed with simple guidelines and user friendly interface.
  • Has an ability to recover deleted file recovery on all storage devices including internal hard drives, flash drives, memory cards and other portable storage devices.
  • Compatible to rescue erased files from USB drive on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 Operating Systems.

Important tips to be followed:

  • Be cautious while formatting USB drive when it is connected to the system.
  • Always use “safe removal” option to remove USB drive from PC.
  • Maintain updated backup of important files from USB drive on multiple storage drives.
  • Suggested to install good antivirus application on computer to avoid data loss from USB because of virus infection.