Fix Unplayable MP4 Video File

MP4 is one of the most renowned digital multimedia file format which is used to store video and audio. It also stored data like subtitles and still images. MP4 video file is popular on the Internet and is supported by wide range of consumer electronic devices like digital cameras, mobile photos, iPod, etc. You can get a high quality and highly compressed digital video with MP4 video files. Unfortunately you might experience a corruption issue on your favorite MP4 video files.

Do you how MP4 file gets damaged. For better understanding let us consider one small example like you have copied one MP4 movie file into your mobile from the system. While you were watching a movie file in the mobile, you got a message displaying “cannot play this video file”. All of a sudden you were worried about an on issue on why MP4 file stopped playing in the middle? Well, you can find several causes that are responsible for not playing MP4 video in the middle. But the most important thing is you must find a better solution on how to fix MP4 video file which stopped playing in middle.

Software to fix MP4 file that stopped playing in middle:

YupTools Fix MOV is very efficient in fixing MP4 video file and helps to play video which stopped at middle. This application helps to repair truncated or abruptly finalized MP4 video files which may have caused because of faulty storage device without losing its original quality. YupTools Fix MOV Tool separates audio and video from a damaged MP4 file that is having out of sync issues and then adjoins to create an appropriate video file.

MP4 file stop playing on media player due to following issues:

  • Any type of disturbance while downloading MP4 video files.
  • Improper syncing of audio and video streams in MP4 files makes it unplayable.
  • Incorrect process of modification or editing MP4 videos also makes MP4 file to stop playing in the middle.
  • Downloading MP4 video file from virus infected source then it not only corrupt downloaded MP4 file but other MP4 files saved on your system.
  • MP4 video file fails to play if its header is unreadable or damaged.

Therefore you can find plenty of situations where your sensible MP4 video file stops playing in the middle on media player. In order to set this issue of MP4 files stopped playing in middle, you have to download software named YupTools Fix Files Application and play MP4 video file with ease.

More about YupTools Fix Files Application:

  • YupTools Fix Files Software assists you to fix and play unplayable MP4 video files that are produced by various digital camcorders like Nikon, Samsung, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony, Canon etc.
  • This utility can repair bad MP4 files and makes them playable on media player without modifying its file information during repair operation.
  • Very competent in fixing MP4 video file after file transfer error, audio video sync error, firmware error, download error, card error etc.
  • Can easily mend MP4 video files that are saved on external media devices such as external hard drives, pen drives and other flash memory devices which are supported by Windows systems.
  • YupTools Fix Files Software affords a free trial version enabling you to scan, fix and play some portion of the repaired MP4 video before going for the full version of this software in order to complete store process.