Get Solution for Annoying Robocalls with New Technology

Nowadays many people are annoyed with robocalls that will be interrupting at home or office along with a recorded message. As soon as you pick up the robocall, it hangs up immediately. By pressing a number signals that the auto-dialer has already reached live number and hence can result in to more number of calls. You can find number of consumers who has logged a complaint with this issue on how to get a solution to solve annoying robocalls. Recently Federal Trade Commission has announced that the person will be getting a grand prize of $50,000 who comes up with the good solution to block illegal robocalls on phones.

You can limit at-least some unwanted calls by listing those numbers in Do not call registry. You can do this by getting into or else you can call with this number of 888-382-1222 and register. And also if you are having a caller ID then records those robocallers and then report them to theFTC through Do Not Call registry. All your details will be stored in the database which helps the regulators to identify the sources of illegal robocalls. Check out this website to get instant solution for annoying robocalls with new technology.

You can try out with the new technology which helps you to get solution for annoying robocalls. Just check out with the services that assist you to screen, block or report all those annoying or harassing robocalls. You can utilize Google voice which gives you a free number that lets you to screen calls. Privacy Star in an application that lets you to control calls to your mobile phones. Primus Telecommunication Canada Inc. deals with a free service known as Telemarketing Guard. This is designed to entail telemarketers to declare themselves before the call will go through.

You can protect yourself by following some cautions to overcome annoying robocalls. Never give any personal information if you get any unsolicited company or any unknown persons. Just inform then that you won’t be giving any more details until you verify the call is legitimate. And for example if you get a call from any back then just tell them that you call them back at the phone number on the bank’s website. And then ask the caller for instructions to reach them through their extension.

Now you can find number of existing technologies that phone companies could use to block unwanted robocalls from reaching their customers. These robocalls are the top consumer complaint in these days. Currently you get Nomorobo which has VoiP service with AT&T U-verse, Cablevision Optimum, SureWest, Verizon FiOS and Vonage. This Nomorobo’s algorithms make use of caller ID and call frequency information to screen out incoming calls. At present it’s using database of 1.2 million phone numbers from complaints filed with state and federal regulators. And in upcoming days, calls coming to subscribers also will be added. Therefore you can follow up with these methods to cut down on the number of calls and avoid annoying robocalls in your mobiles phones.