Google Knows your Every Activity!

We are in the world of technology where our daily routine can be tracked and recorded by our phone, which knows wherever you have been moved – Google Map, which always tracks and gives information about the location and Facebook – which gives a detailed description about the character profile of people.

Here are the steps user has to go through in order to know how much Google knows about user’s interest, activity and habits:

  • Type the URL :
  • User should log into Google account: Google keeps the data of search only when a user logs into valid account, Google might not keep all the information but it will give approximate idea about user’s browsing.
  • Once user logged into the valid account, he/she can able to see the searches performed by them. To do that, click on down arrow and change the option last week to all time, which will give information such as, searches by day, total number of searches and top search clicks.
  • By enabling last month and last year option, user can also browse the history of most recent search.
  • Browsing data deletion: This step enable user to delete the information which was maintained by Google. By selecting three dots on the top right hand side, user will get the delete option. According to user’s convenience it can able to delete yesterday and today’s data. There is one more button called ‘advanced’ present in it which deletes last four weeks information.
  • Google will provide the location service by showing user a map of all the places where he/she visited using mobile device. To perform this, enable three dots in the right hand side corner of the window and follow this -“Settings”>”Show more controls”>”Manage Activity”>”Place you Go”. This option was launched last year itself and it is also a part of Google’s timeline.
  • Google gives the option profile Google, which appears at the bottom of the activity controls page by selecting ‘ads’. This profile helps user check age range, gender and interests. In addition to this, user can also change the profile Google if he/she is not satisfied with it.

As mentioned above Google is introducing a new feature to its Maps application, which allows users to see where they have been on any given day, month or year. The search company already tracks the location of Android users, as long as they choose to share their location history with Google. Users can access and manage their location history in their account settings.

New feature called timeline has been introduced to a map. People who use new Google Photos app have automatic tagging option to objects in photos and also it arranges them into albums.