Handy Home Theater Awesomeness by Sony

A new Sony Projector that is pretty bigger than smartphone impresses you at first sight. It is inexpensive and saves your space as a substitute for large screen television. Its length and breadth are 14cm*8cm which weighs around 210 grams and produces magnificent videos. MP-CL1’s output resolution is 1920*720 pixels, which is lesser than full HD projector that produces 1920*1080 pixels resolution.


                              Sony MP-CL1 projector with HDMI, USB and an audio jack

Its brightness is 37lumens which produces a pictorial feel when watched in dusk or night times. The device is equipped with laser beam scanning system to make sure that projector focuses by its own despite on which screen it is telecasted. The device renders a screen size of 120 inch for the images projected 345cm away, followed by 91 for 230cm and 45 inch for 115cm. The MP-CL1 consists of HDMI connection port that enables quick transmission for laptops, PC or gaming systems.

As a matter of choice device utilizes a certification program called Miracast to reflect the display of Android Smartphones or tablets exclusive of HDMI connection which is beneficial for travelers.

The Sony’s MP-CL1 battery life is extendable upto 2 hours even if not connected to power source. It also acts as mobile charger when Smartphones are connected to it. Device comprises of single speaker which can be easily attached but results in poor audio quality. One can play audio using external speakers or headphone connected to device. The negative aspect is that it has no Bluetooth facility.

MP-CL1 provides premium quality images with high clarity that are portable. To experience its awesomeness one must view in dusk or nighttime. Audio also results in some flaws which cannot be fixed. Day-by-day technology is developing with some unbelievable things, every one is competing on their own way by introducing new technologies to the World. Recently Apple has also introduced a new display technology which is something like this!

Still have long way to go, people have no idea about the destination of all these technologies. so sit tight and keep checking this blog for few more recent tech strikes!!!