How to Play AVI Files in Windows Media Player?

“I have accidentally deleted some of the AVI files and recovered them using recovery tools but when I tried to open recovered .avi files in my player, Window started to show message that a codec is not found. I tried up with one of the video fixing utility; even then I was not able to open it. I want my *.avi videos to be played in Windows Media Player. Can anyone of you suggest me about application that will help to fix my AVI files?”

Yes of course, you have got most efficient tool for fixing *.avi files whose features are mentioned in upcoming explanations.

Windows Media Player is an excellent program developed by Microsoft in order to view audio, video and pictures on your laptops/personal computers and AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) file will have both audio and video data in a file container which would let on synchronization of audio-video play.

Windows Media Player should play .AVI files but a variety of factors that will make the player from playing the video files.


Reason 1: When you use an unreliable application for editing AVI file will result in the damage of header file, resulting in .avi file corruption and finally make it not to play AVI video files

Reason 2: If there are any codec issues among AVI file and Windows Media Player then there are chances of AVI video files to be stuck without playing the video

Reason 3: While downloading *.avi file from internet, if continuity is not being maintained or broken due to some kind of disturbances, then will lead unplayable of .avi video files

Reason 4: Trying to play the AVI file on a virus infected system will affect the *.avi video files

Reason 5: Only audio will be heard but no video is visualized while playing an AVI file due to some codec issues during the compression of files

Overview and Features of YupTools Software:

Now sit and relax for some time as you don’t have to be worried about finding the software for fixing AVI video files, so just try to fix the Windows Media Player won’t play .avi video in few minutes with advanced and deep scanning process by utilizing the application called as YupTools Fix AVI. As this tool can be installed in few clicks and more over there is no wastage of time. You will be able to work with this software very easily because of its user-friendly nature. The notable advantage is that it has got “Preview” option for viewing all the fixed file in preference of saving repaired AVI file.

Utility will fix not only in AVI file format but also XVID and DIVX file formats to make the video file playable again. Synchronization of audio-video is done to make the video playable by fixing audio-video streams separately on an unhealthy AVI file. This software will help you to repair video files from external devices.

Thus you have also got a demo version of the installation of this program before purchasing a licensed version of YupTools Fix AVI software.