Recover Data From Hard Disk

Hard disk is the storage place of all files and documents in computer. Just imagine a situation in which you are not able to access the files from Windows hard drive. How you feel now? No user will like to lose their valuable files from hard drive. If a situation comes like this, then it will not be so easy to restore inaccessible hard disk. Now you might have become totally confused about the solution which you have to follow in order to perform hard drive recovery process. You will get so many tools if you search in internet, but you have to choose a better software which is reliable and efficient.

Do you have any idea on how to select a reliable application? I am not trying to confuse you. I am just giving you the solution. So no need to worry. Here is the perfect solution for these kinds of problems named YupTools Recover Hard Drive tool which can perform hard drive recovery task in a couple of easy steps. So act fast, have a look on the properties of the software and start recovering inaccessible files from crashed or damaged hard drive on Windows Operating System. It is capable enough to retrieve all Word files, spreadsheets, PPT files, pictures, audio files, videos, and many other files from the hard disk with great ease.

Software will be helpful in these cases:

Accidental Formatting: While working on computer, if user unintentionally selects format option, then it may lead to permanent removal of files from Windows hard disk

Virus Attack: External threats like virus, spyware or malware can cause severe damage to the hard drive, and as a result data saved in the hard drive becomes inaccessible

Defragmentation Issue: Any interruption or issue while performing defragmentation sometimes cause hard drive crash

Presence of Bad Sector:  Formation of bad sectors in the hard disk drive may lead to the inaccessibility of that sector from hard disk. Sometimes it will make the entire hard drive inaccessible

Issue while Creating Partition: If any interruption or issue occurs while performing partition creation,  then there is a possibility that Windows hard disk may get damaged

Other Reasons: There are so many  other reasons behind corrupt, damaged, crashed or inaccessible hard disk drive like use of unreliable application, aging of hard drive, file system corruption, improper OS reinstallation, etc. But in all these cases you can seek the help of  YupTools Recover Hard Drive application to perform hard drive recovery process.

Top features of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Software:

  • It is simple and finest hard drive recovery tool which can be used to restore files from hard drive, USB drive, FireWire drive,memory card, etc. formatted with FAT12, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems

  • This tool is compatible with all latest Windows Operating Systems like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

  • The utility supports crashed, formatted or damaged hard drive recovery on hard disk drives having SATA, IDE, SCSI interface

  • YupTools Recover Hard Drive software has a unique attribute known as “Save Recovery Session” option which allows user to save the retrieved files so that user can resume the data recovery process anytime

  • The application is available in demonstration version, which will be helpful for all users to check the working of software before original purchase

  • It allows user to preview the recovered files from hard drive before restoration onto the Windows system

  • Technical assistance is available full time for this product  in order to help user who finds any difficulty while installing or accessing the tool

  • This software is non destructive one since it perform hard drive recovery by keeping the original file unchanged