Repair WINRAR Files Easily

Yesterday I copied some office files from my office Windows PC in order to complete my pending works from my home. Before copying I compressed my files in .rar format as files are large in size. After reaching home I tried to extract my files. But it was not opening rather it was showing some error like, not compressed properly. I need those files urgently. Anyone can help me to find out a solution?”

Yes, I can suggest a simple solution for your problem. It seems like your RAR file is corrupted. Sometimes the factor behind this corruption issue may be the oversize of .rar file. Anyway whatever may be the reason, what you want here is a software for efficiently fixing RAR files. Then go for YupTools Fix RAR utility, which comprises of so many advanced features that contributes their service to fix RAR files which is corrupt, damaged, broken or inaccessible.

More about YupTools Fix RAR Tool:

YupTools Fix RAR is developed by industrial experts for repairing RAR archives. Its a powerful software which will fix RAR files in a short span of time. Let us go deeply about the utility which makes you understand the effectiveness of the application.

  • It consists of strong algorithm which will perform efficient fixing of RAR files
  • The utility works in read only mode, that doesn’t modify the contents of the .rar file while repairing process
  • Application has ease to use interface so that any user who doesn’t have much knowledge on using the software can execute the .rar repairing process easily and successfully
  • It will fix RAR archive having more than 4GB file size
  • Commonly occurring errors in RAR files are CRC error, Read error, etc. This software can fix these issues effectively
  • Application will efficiently repair password protected RAR archives
  • Demo version allows user to view the .rar file fixing process and extracted files from fixed RAR file
  • Purchase certified version of YupTools Fix RAR tool to store extracted files in any of the accessible location including external storage device like hard disk, memory card, CD, etc.

Some added features:

  • “Save Recovery Session” feature provides you an option to stop and resume the RAR fixing process anytime
  • “Preview” option helps you to view the files from repaired RAR archive before saving to the Windows system

So now you are more familiar with RAR archive fixing software and the process. Now you will having the curiosity to know how the .rar files gets corrupted? So let’s have a look at some scenarios which may cause damage to RAR files.

RAR files corruption issues:

  • Severe attack of viruses on the RAR files which makes the archive corrupt
  • Use of unreliable application for compressing files may cause damage to the .rar file
  • Any interruption occurs while transferring of RAR archive sometimes result in inaccessibility of the RAR archive data
  • If you try to extract .rar file using unsupported application then it may lead to RAR archive damage
  • If you turn off the Windows computer abruptly, then it may results in broken RAR file
  • File system corruption, data base corruption, CRC error, etc. are some other reasons behind RAR file corruption

In any of the above mentioned cases, YupTools Fix RAR utility will be helpful to fix RAR files and extract data from .rar archive easily.

System requirements for YupTools Fix RAR application:

Supporting Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Window 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, 2010, 2008 and 2003

Supported WinRAR versions: WinRAR 2.00 version, WinRAR 2.90 version, WinRAR 3.50 version, WinRAR 3.70 version, WinRAR 3.80 version, WinRAR 3.90 version and WinRAR 4.00 version