Software to Fix Unexpected End of Archive after Downloading

“Recently I downloaded .rar file over internet, when I tried to extract the file it was showing as ‘unexpected end of archive’ all this is happening after downloading. I have no idea of repairing RAR files. How do I fix unexpected end of archive after downloading RAR file, is there any software to repair? If so, then please suggest me any good one…”

This kind of problems are quite problem when you download RAR files from unauthorized websites over internet. Sometimes the cause of this error is known and sometimes you might not be knowing the exact reasons. You’ve come to the right page, this page will guide you how to fix unexpected end of archive error after downloading in a couple of easy steps. Here is the step by step repairing process is explained!

YupTools Fix RAR will help you fix and repair unexpected end of archive after downloading instantly!

It is one of the renowned tool to repair corrupt, damaged, broken or inaccessible RAR file easily. Software can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, 8.1, XP, Vista, Server 2003, 2008 and 2012. It forms newly repaired file .rar which works perfectly fine. YupTools Fix RAR doesn’t alter the original data of the RAR file content while repairing, it is one of the highlighting features of this software which other tools lack to provide this.

Key Features of YupTools Fix RAR Software

  • Software is capable of fixing RAR files of any size efficiently
  • Simple and user friendly repairing wizard
  • Scan each and every element present in RAR file and fixed all corruption or damage issues using this tool
  • YupTools Fix RAR will help you fix password protected RAR file in minutes
  • Also supports repairing of RAR file created using any WinRAR application
  • If the RAR file is stored in any of the external drives, then also this software can be used to fix issues present in RAR file


All you need to do is, simple click on YupTools Fix RAR. Click on “Browse” option to select corrupt RAR file and click on “Repair” option to start repairing process. Once the rar file is fixed, you can easily view it using “Preview” option and store repaired RAR file on any of the desired location of your host computer. If you ever come across any type issues extracting RAR file, then without thinking much you can make use of YupTools Fix RAR software and fix it easily. Software is capable of fixing any type or errors and issues in a short interval of time. Hope this guide is helpful for you to resolve RAR file issue.

What Causes unexpected end of archive RAR file error

  • Improper downloading of the rar file over internet
  • If the storage drive is having bad sectors, then there are chances of occurrence of this error
  • RAR file corrupted due to virus attack
  • Downloading RAR files from unauthorized websites


  • Scan your system by using any good antivirus program to avoid virus attack
  • Make sure that there is no interruptions while downloading RAR file/files
  • It is good to maintain the multiple copies of all important files to overcome from these type of problems or else keep your files in an external drive