Software to Play MOV Video File on QuickTime

“On my Windows system, QuickTime player just won’t play .mov video file. I am facing this after upgrading my old Windows 7 to Windows 8 OS. I just don’t exactly know what happened to my video files and why they are not playing. Can anyone out there help me to fix this issue? It would be a great help for me”

I guess your video files are corrupted and QuickTime is refusing to play those files. It may be due to upgrading from old Windows OS version to newer one. Sometimes your Windows 8 might not support the MOV file not opening in QuickTime player.

Some cause for this might be known and easy one to fix and some issues will be severe that only other independent application will be fixed. So why to take chances with your favourite video files. Make use of YupTools Fix MOV software and get all not playable .MOV files fixed to make them playable again. Detailed information about this software and repairing process is given here.

Why does QuickTime won’t play MOV Video?

 Codec Issues: Sometimes the video codecs installed in you Windows system may not support and due to this you may come across such situations wherein your QuickTime player won’t play MOV video stream.

Viruses / Malware / Spyware Infection: When you download .mov file from the Internet or plug in a data traveller containing many different data files including your .MOV file, there are lot of chances that it of infection and prone to corruption. Due to this reason MOV file does not play in QuickTime player on Windows system

Disk Corruption: Failure of the storage devices leads to the loss of your MOV files. It may fail due to its long usage, improper usage of the drive, abrupt removal of any external storage devices, all these reasons may corrupt the MOV file from playing the video, whereas you will be getting audio sometimes. For these reasons .MOV video won’t play in QT player

Header Corruption: MOV video header may get corrupted due to some unknown reasons, in this case also there are high chances of MOV file getting broken or damaged. So obviously MOV file will not be played on QuickTime player on Windows system

Other Reasons May Include: Improper system updates or QuickTime player update, synchronization issues, OS crash, application malfunctioning in which your .mov files is being used/played. All these reasons will cause corruption of MOV file and thereby QuickTime will refuse to play damaged or broken video file

How to Fix MOV Files on Windows?

When it comes to repair corrupt or damaged .mov audio video file, just download and install YupTools Fix MOV app which is capable of doing the intended task efficiently. You can download this tool from its official website. This Utility is capable of repairing all kinds of corruption or damage issues of .mov files on Windows Operating System in a simple way. The highlighting feature of this application is, it works on read only method that means it do not alter the original content of the files while repairing. So one can feel safe and can download this software without thinking much.

 Outstanding Features of YupTools Fix MOV:

 Software is one of the most popular software available in the market that is capable of fixing MOV file not playing video issues in a few simple steps. This tool will separate the audio and video streams separately and fixes the problem. Once the repairing process is completed you will be able to preview the repaired .mov file with the “Preview” option available in this software. It supports all the major versions of Windows OS.

 You can use this utility even to repair the MP4 files with ease. It also has the ability to repair the MOV files that resides in the external storage devices using its powerful scanning and repairing algorithm. Download the Demo version of this software and verify the repairing process then go for the Licensed version

Note: Saving of the repaired MOV videos is possible only if you have complete licensed version of YupTools Fix MOV