To Fix Microsoft Word that has Stopped Working

“I was inserting a set of tables for creating a list in MS Word document. As soon as I finished my task, I was saving the newly created document file but unfortunately it didn’t save. So, I tried to save it again but I got an error message as: “Microsoft Word not responding. Can anyone of you help me to fix Word file that is not responding?”

You might have been tensed with the above or some other issues regarding MS Word file. This problem commonly exists among many users who are working with Word document files. You will be able to repair MS Word file using our software that are mentioned in the following sectors.

Microsoft Word is used for various applications such as: creating multiple records of details in separate files, so whenever this information has to be referred, it becomes very easy to fetch data from particular file. Microsoft Word will help you to editing and drawing the Word .doc in different forms and pattern. Moreover, you can make use of this tool to create table of contents while making list of data and formulas for creating mathematical documents and so on. Hence MS Word is one of the fastest ways of creating documents.

There are some occasions that will result word files to be inaccessible such as –

  1. Improper shutdown:

It is always advised shut down of your computer system should be properly done by checking and closing all the applications that was opened. However, when the system closes all the opened Word files improperly during the shutdown and if you try to open particular Word file, it might get corrupted and will not open

  1. Virus infection:

Computer viruses are malicious programs that are being designed in such a way that they corrupt file system of your computer or when you want to open saved files those file may get damaged due to virus attack. If your system is poisoned with any such virus, then chances of MS Word file not responding is very high

  1. Conversion of file format:

When you attempt to change Word files from one file format to other format – Word doc to Excel, PowerPoint and so on. And vice versa will result in Microsoft Word DOC not responding

  1. Upgrade:

When you upgrade old MS Word tool to the latest edition, there are chances for old Word file to be unopened

When your Word file is not getting opened and if you do not have back up of Word files, you can be free from tension now on-wards. How to fix MS Word not responding issue can be solved by making use of the following details. One of the app is named as – YupTools Fix DOC for repairing MS Word document file. Fast scanning performance of this app will help you to fix MS Word file very easily. It would not alter the contents that are already present in the original .doc file, i.e. utility will work in read-only mode. There are many more unique benefits regarding this app. Now let us see all those one by one:

  • Fixes .doc and .docx files in order to view the Word files in few steps
  • Repairs corrupted / broken Word file by making Word file that are responding
  • Software will fix Word DOC file and recovers all the contents present in Word file
  • Program will allow you to fix Word file in all the latest versions of MS Word
  • Fixing of Word .doc file is done not only from internal memory drive, can also be fixed from portable devices
  • The software is furnished with “Preview” feature for viewing the fixed Word file just before storing it in memory location
  • If you want to check the performance of this app before purchasing, then here is the demo action of this software, so as to know the process carried out by this software